NERC 2017 System Operator Certification Exam


NERC System Operator Certification Exam Cut Scores 2017

The NERC System Operator Certification Program is publishing a new version of the NERC System Operator Certification Exams. New exams will begin on February 13, 2017, at all PSI test centers. The new exams will include exam questions based on updated content outlines and the most current NERC Reliability Standards as applicable.

The cut scores, as of February 13, 2017, are:

The set of exams published in February 2017 no longer have direct recall against NERC Reliability Standards; however, there will continue to be Analysis and Application questions based on the content of the standards.  The new Exam Development Process ensures that all questions in the item bank are relevant to current standards.  When a standard changes, questions referencing the standard are reviewed to ensure they are still current.  This eliminates the need to publish a list of the “Current Standards” for the exam. 

The Content Outlines are the only resource provided to identify the content breakdown. New content outlines are available on the System Operator Certification program website.  

Resources used for exam item development are driven for the Job Task Analysis.




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