How do I renew my certificate?


Renew my certificate

Login to SOCCED.

The main screen will contain Total Earned CEH chart and a navigation legend to the left.

Click on “Renewal” and that will take you to your renewal progress summary.

If you have met your credential maintenance requirement and are within the last 6 months of your renewal (See SOC Program Manual), then there will be a check box for you to mark.

Once you click on the check box, under Fee summary the "Finish & Pay" button will be active.

You will transition to the payment screen and there you must verify the name and address, and pick your payment method.

Submit the $325.00 renewal fee either by credit card  or check.

Please note that if payment is by check, your request for renewal will not be processed until the check is received. Once payment has been finalized, your renewal request will go into the renewal queue. Once your transcript is reviewed, an administrator will either approve or deny your application.  You will be informed of your status via email. 


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