How do I become a provider?


Providership requirements

NERC Providers are comprised of utilities, vendors, and academia who provide training to support the credential maintenance of NERC Certified System Operators.  There are several documents you should review before deciding whether NERC Providership is the right choice for your business.

First, review the System Operator Certification Program Manual.  Note the list of Recognized Operator Training Topics in Appendix A.  If the training you provide does not fall into this list, then Providership is not a good fit.

Next, review the Continuing Education Administrative Manual. Chapter 3 details the types of provider accounts and their responsibilities.  Chapter 4-6 outline specific criteria all courses submitted must meet.

Finally, review the Provider Application and Renewal User Guide.  This guide provides the steps for how to apply for Providership.  The Attachment shows the evaluation guide used by the task force when determining whether to recommend your program.

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